Looking back at photos of some of the paintings that I have created in the past 30 years, I wanted to share some of my journey.  I have lived and painted in many beautiful regions of this country that inspired my work. My journey has encompassed an inner journey as well--leading to an awareness of the earth, the soul and how we all are connected. Some paintings I sold, others I gifted and some remain in my personal collection.
I am so  grateful to the support of my family and friends in helping me set up at art fairs and galleries and to the art lovers who have invested in me by purchasing my paintings.  I hope those paintings make them as happy as they made me during the creative process.

Resting with the Mother - 2000
Gaia Longing
The Moon in Me -  2000
Mandala 2001
Gentle Hills
Blue Flowers 2001
Big Sur Dream
Silly Sea Monsters 2004
Creation 2004
Miami Heat 2002
Rothko Dreams 2007
My Readers
Northern Lights in the Hills - 2018
Moonrise Under the Wave
Love Flows Like a River
Golden Sun Over Waves
Homage to Klimt's Kiss
magenta blue glass.jpg
Spirit of Compassion.jpg
Windows and doorways at Sunset.jpg
Bubbles of Joy -2019
Cosmic Pink - 2019
Morning Garden.jpg
Dolled up - 2005
Colorplanes beach 2019
Northern Lights at  Sunrise - 2018
Soul of a Tree - 2019
Life Force.png

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