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The Journey

Lin Trinkle Art is a dream come true.  I have always been an art lover.  In high school, I had to balance art with choir and the science classes I loved.  I took all the art history classes I could while pursuing a degree in Biology and sang with an a capella group.  As a young mother, I created  a "studio" in my basement, next to the laundry, while taking community art classes.  I painted my world--the kids, the dog and copied old masters whenever I could find the time.  In 1998, the Mark Rothko retrospective exhibit at the National Gallery of Art brought me to my knees me on the emotional power of color. Artwork that expresses the soul of the artist is the ultimate art experience for me.  

Now, I work in a small studio in my back yard that I call Studio 144 because its dimensions are 12' x 12'. There I can utilize materials like resins and oil paints without smelling up the house.  In times of intense inspiration, the work spills into the house and I am living my dream.  I am following my heart in creating art that feeds my soul and hopefully feeds the souls of others too.

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